Poetry in Lockdown

Senior School
12 Jun 20

Traditionally, SVPS would be holding its annual Poetry Speaking Competition this time of year.

Whilst this is not possible during lockdown, the Prep children have been busy creating wonderful poetry for us all to enjoy.

Year 3 reflected on their distance learning, writing and performing rhyming couplets.

Year 3 with Mrs Jacobs

Year 3 with Mrs Smith

Year 4, also focusing on rhyming couplets, retold the story of ‘The Iron Man’, which has been this term’s text.

Year 4 with Mrs Allison

Year 4 with Mrs Dallamore

Year 4 with Mrs Wright

Year 5 focused on coronavirus Haiku, remembering to count the syllables in every line to make a 5-7-5 formation.

Year 5 with Mrs Dallamore

Year 5 with Miss Essu

Year 5 with Mrs Savage

Year 6 studied a similar type of poetry with Tanka; slightly longer with a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count. Their focus was reflecting on their time at SVPS.

Year 6 with Mrs Dallamore

Year 6 with Miss Essu

Year 6 with Mr Watkins

Both Haiku and Tanka create short poems but with wonderful emotion and word use, well done Year 5 and 6!