Pathways Programme – 25.11.22

Senior School
25 Nov 22

This week in our Pathways Programme, students have been learning about conflict management, staying safe online, nutrition, exercise and sleep. This has been through ‘breakout’ sessions, as well as wellbeing and curriculum lessons.

Students in the Third and Fourth Forms had a ‘breakout’ session on conflict management. A ‘breakout’ session is where one year group gathers in the Baughan Theatre during Tutor Time to listen to a talk about a specific topic. Two breakout sessions happen each week with different year groups. Students are split into their year groups for this, so that topics can be delivered in a progressive and age-appropriate way. Supportive friendships are one of the most important factors for wellbeing. This session armed our students with some tools for how to manage friendship fallouts in a way that is more likely to achieve a positive outcome.

The Third Form curriculum lessons have been focusing on staying safe online. In reviewing how much time students were spending on social media or gaming, this allowed for a deeper level of reflection about where their time is being sacrificed elsewhere. We discussed some of the ways social media and gaming apps are designed to get us hooked. Being aware of these tricks is an important first step in helping to control how much time students are spending on their devices, rather than allowing their devices to control them.

Sixth Form Wellbeing lessons have focused on nutrition, exercise and sleep. Do ask your children to talk to you about ‘brain foods’ and how modern technology has made it more challenging to get a high-quality night’s sleep. Hopefully they will be able to explain a few tips they have learnt!