Pathways Programme – 09.12.22

Senior School
9 Dec 22

This week, our junior students had a breakout session on how to manage friendship fallouts and foster supportive relationships. Part of this session was led by two of our Sixth Form Students, Ethan Wynne and Louisa Yorke (both Upper Sixth). We are fortunate to have such fantastic role models to deliver these sessions in a way that is very engaging for our junior students.

A number of Third Form students had the opportunity to try out various wellbeing strategies. One of the exercises was writing letters of gratitude and it was truly heart-warming to see the thought that went into writing letters of thanks to their teachers. We discussed the wellbeing benefits for both the person doing the act of kindness and the person receiving the act of kindness.

This week, the Fifth Form had a breakout session on sexuality and respecting individual difference. We discussed the correct terminology to use when discussing sexuality to enable discussions to take place in a respectful way.

Our Sixth Form lessons this week focused on strengths. Research suggests that two thirds of adults find it challenging to talk about their strengths. The concept of strengths is that people naturally have differing strengths. It is suggested that the process of becoming self-aware of one’s strengths and exploring ways to intentionally grow and develop them will lead to increased wellbeing. Students’ ability to articulate their strengths is also helpful when it comes to writing personal statements for university and applying for jobs in the future.

A few members of our community have been worried about Group A Strep which has been in the media a lot recently. We shared this video with students to provide some information.