P4L Profit and Loss

Senior School
27 Nov 20

This half term, Year 6 has been focusing on money, budgeting and finance as part of the Social Responsibility topic. Pupils have previously learnt how money was invented and how it is used by banks, shops, and the public in today’s society. They have also learnt some basic online banking skills and how bank statements display your credits and debits.

Last Friday, the whole of Year 6 went into the Bates Hall, where they began a game on the big screen. The idea was for each pupil to imagine that time had moved forward and they were eight years older. They have headed off to university and have to make all the adult decisions for themselves. Each pupil was given a priority sheet with 35 cards, but they could only choose 15. A cash flow sheet was added to track their spending during the month, and they had £1000 to start with. Choosing wisely could save them money as we went through each day to see what would cost them in ‘the real world’.

Once day 30 arrives, we will see which pupils chose wisely at the beginning and managed to stay in profit for the month, but also who incurred some overdraft charges!