P4L Philosophy

Senior School
13 Nov 20

In the last week before the half term break, Years 3 to 6 found out a bit more about philosophy during their P4L lessons. The children enjoyed the questioning and debate that came out of the sessions.

This week, 6S built on these skills in Humanities. They first sought to understand what skills could be developed through the study of History and Geography, they then went on to apply this through the exploration of artwork from the ancient Kingdom of Benin.

“Once the questions are asked, they never seem to go away…”

Benin Bronze, originally from the Kingdom of Benin.

The children used questions to explore art from Benin and considered what this could tell us about the people of Benin, their way of life, their relations with other communities across the globe and their eventual demise. They asked very thought-provoking questions, made insightful predictions based on what they could see in the artwork and considered what this might tell them. They were very pleased to find that many of their earlier predictions were in fact true. They were particularly surprised at how much they were able to work out, decipher and learn, simply through the art of questioning.

With our School community considering the Super Hoot Learning Powers of Empathy and Reflection this term, and the amazing support we have given this week to the Royal British Legion and Children in Need, why not consider and discuss the following question with your family:

If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be?