Online Safety Update

Senior School
8 Nov 19

New Resource for KS1 

Goldilocks is a free downloadable book with an activity sheet, from Vodafone.  It is an amusing take on the Goldilocks story with a twist about responsible sharing.  You might want to watch this first yourselves before showing your child as it is clearly aimed at very young children and the use of social media.  Please have a look here.           

TikTok ‘you’re in control’ video series
The popular social media platform, TikTok, has released some videos to help with privacy controls, filtering content, reporting inappropriate behaviour, creating a positive social media environment and more.  They are clearly aimed at a certain generation (definitely not mine!) but might be useful to your children if they are starting to use the service.  Find out more here.

If parents shared in real life like they do online
This is just a little bit of light-hearted fun, but with a serious message.  It is a short video about some mums sharing information in real life as if they were sharing online.  This could be used as a conversation starter with children.  Perhaps older siblings could consider what they share online and how it would look if they shared that information in real life.  Access the video here.