Nursery and Pre-Prep Fun

Prep School
30 Sep 22

In Nursery and Pre-Prep this week we have enjoyed lots of lovely learning. The children have all embraced Forest School and have seen our night life through our cameras in the forest. Mrs Langridge set up the cameras for our Badger Watch but what a wonderful sight to see fox cubs playing around our firepit and sitting on our learning logs throughout the night.

This week, the highlight of the week for Nursery was their Forest School experiences! Little Steps enjoyed planting in the mud kitchen and ‘cooking’ soup and tea.

Whilst Young Climbers had their first experience of a real bonfire where they made their own toast with jam and honey!

The children looked for the badger holes in the woods and talked about what they eat and how they live. Next week, Young Climbers will be focusing on people who help us. Little Steps will be focusing on Autumn and creating their own hedgehog. The colour of the week will be orange. The letter will be S and we will be counting to 5 and learning to form numbers to that value.

Reception have celebrated Harvest and visited the church for our Autumn service. We have read the story of The Little Red Hen, acted it out and did some wonderful writing. We continued our work on patterns and prints with vegetables items they found in Forest School. Next week we will be reading The Gruffalo’s Child, looking at the world of shadows and exploring shapes. We will be consolidating previous letters and putting them into CVC words. We will be exploring shape and pattern in our Mathematics.

The children carried out a Science experiment in Year 1 using their sense of smell. They made sensible predictions and recorded their results in a table. There was lots of excitement in the revealing of the hidden objects.

In Art and P4L they created a year group collage of a turtle using recycled bottles to represent their understanding of how important it is to pick up litter and look after our sea life and oceans. The children showed great collaboration.