Nick Veasey Talk

Senior School
11 Nov 22

On Thursday afternoon, Art Scholars were invited to attend a talk by the artist Nick Veasey. Sophia Parkin (Third Form) talks about this experience below:

Nick works with X-ray technology to create photographs that let the viewer see a different perspective of everyday objects. His goal is to help people see past our regular viewpoint, encouraging his audience to look on the inside. His message includes criticization of our superficiality and emphasis on appearances and surface-level beauty.

The talk included not only Nick’s own work but many artists he found inspiring, such as Spencer Tunick and his “Sea of Hull” art installation. He also showed us comparison pictures and striking images such as a photograph of a Ukrainian family being helped by soldiers across a river.

As for his own work, a good part that he showed us was an x-ray of a man in a car with various objects. The question and answer session at the end was greatly informative, he talked about the important part of art which is finding your niche and what suits you best. That resonated with me as a young artist who is still experimenting and trying to figure out what I want to do the most.

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this talk, as I have been intrigued by his work ever since first hearing about it. This has also helped inspire the plans I have for my next artworks, as I am interested in drawing anatomy and physiology. I have just finished sculpting a clay skull myself and I am looking into skeletons of other animals too.