Next Steps Course

Senior School
12 Jun 20

We are excited to announce that we are launching a new online course, starting in September. Headed by Miss Burden, this course is designed to give Sixth Form students the tools to successfully take their next steps after SVS. 

The brief: To produce an online course for our Sixth Form students that will bridge the gap between School and the next step in their careers. To give our Sixth Form students the opportunity to explore life beyond SVS and to equip them with some of the knowledge and skills they will need or will find useful as they take their next steps.

The course content – The course contains seven areas, three of which are compulsory.

Compulsory areas:

Personal Profile

This is the first step. Students will take a profiling test to identify their strengths, weaknesses, areas for development and potential career choices.

It will match their career profile with university, apprenticeship and employment options.

Employment Skills

This includes sections on:

CVs – what to include and how to write the perfect CV.

Interviews – the science behind interviews, how to prepare, what to say and do (and what not to say and do), along with practice interviews.

Work experience – why it is important and how and where it can be secured.

Life Skills

This includes comprehensive sections on:

Mental Health –  how poor mental health might manifest itself and where to get help;

Physical Health;

Financial Management;

Personal Presentation.

Optional areas:

Students must choose one of these sections to work through. Once one section has been completed, they can then move onto another section.

The options are: Employment University Apprenticeship Gap Year

Each section is incredibly comprehensive and covers the majority of matters that would be of interest to any Sixth Form student who is planning their next step after school.

The course content is designed to be as interactive as possible. In most cases, answers to multiple-choice questions have to be provided to complete the unit/section. There are videos, quizzes and tests to complete along the way.

The course will be available on both laptop and mobile and is self-paced.

Miss Burden’s aim to give our Sixth Form students the tools they need to prepare themselves fully for life beyond Sutton Valence School.

Please reach out to Miss Burden here if you have any further questions or would like more information.