Message from the Head – 28th Feb 2020

Senior School
28 Feb 20

As the Head of SVPS, I regularly walk around the School, popping into every lesson, introducing visitors and prospective parents to teachers and talking to the children about their learning. These tours never fail to impress me, as I witness children engaged in their studies, excited about their topics, overcoming obstacles and meeting challenges. I am endlessly inspired, not just by the teachers who are so passionate about education and the subjects they deliver, but also by the children who are embracing our learning powers and achieving in so many ways.

This week began with the wonderful news that Year 6 raised the incredible sum of £786.80 with their fundraiser just before half term. Along with many others, I enjoyed celebrating the start of Half Term with a delicious ‘mocktail’ and by taking on the various activities and challenges prepared by our creative Year 6 pupils.  Despite my pitiful attempt at the javelin activity, I certainly enjoyed having a go at this and many other challenges; it was truly inspiring for our younger pupils to see our eldest coming up with a range of activities for them to enjoy and to hear how much was raised for Maidstone and Mid-Kent Mind.

Whilst javelin throwing may not be my forte (yet!), I am well-practised at flipping pancakes so I always enjoy Shrove Tuesday at SVPS (my traditional flip can be seen on Twitter this week!) As ever, our fantastic SVPSPA provided pancakes for the whole School, inspiring us not just with their cooking but also with their impeccable organisation for the event ran like clock-work; a huge thank you to everyone who helped to make Pancake Day such a success.

I am always left inspired following my Monday lunchtime Philosophy Club and this week was particularly thought-provoking. Our recent sessions have been based on Plato’s dialogue The Republic in which Plato explores the question of what justice is and then attempts to construct the ideal state. Philosophy Club have been working in groups, imagining they have been shipwrecked and now inhabit an island where they need to survive and set up their own society. This week, the challenge was to agree a set of rules or laws (or, indeed, to think about whether rules are needed at all). After some very enthusiastic discussion, the children decided that their rules could all be encompassed by a group of values: love, kindness and generosity. I couldn’t help thinking that there are many adults in our world today who would have benefitted from over-hearing this conversation; inspiring stuff indeed!