Message from the Head – 26th February 2021

Senior School
25 Feb 21

How wonderful that, in the week we introduced collaboration and flexibility as our learning powers, we also found out that we will all be back together from Monday 8th March! All our Super Hoot learning powers have been deployed and developed throughout the pandemic, but the fact that we will be able to collaborate in person again is such exciting news. By now, you will have received a letter outlining the plans for a safe, full opening of the School and we are working hard behind the scenes in preparation for welcoming the whole community back.

We are, of course, also aware that yet another change may be harder for some than it is for others. Ensuring the return to School is successful for all is so important and so it would be really helpful if you could alert your child’s form teacher and Mr Watkins or Miss McCarmick if you feel the transition back to physical School is going to be particularly challenging for your child. This will enable us to be as well-prepared as possible so that we can help and support them. We know from the September re-opening, the children found the return to School to be exhausting as they settled back into the School routine. So much excitement, socialising and stimulation after a long time out of the classroom and a long separation from their friends means they are likely to be very tired, at least to begin with, and this is something we will all bear in mind as they adjust back to School life. We will also spend some time with the children reinforcing the School ethos and expectations to be ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’ to help them adapt to being back on the site. Any preparations you can do at home over the next week could also be beneficial. Perhaps encouraging the children to get their school bag ready and ensuring their get up and bedtimes are regular and in keeping with their usual (physical) School routine.

As I mentioned in the newsletter, this lockdown has been so much harder for all of us and so I do hope that the ‘road map’ presented by the Prime Minister earlier this week has helped everyone to feel more optimistic about the future. The longer days and warmer temperatures are very welcome and I cannot wait for you to turn into the School drive, on Monday 8th March, and see the daffodils waving and the snowdrops and crocuses in full bloom. And, of course, the team will be waiting, with enormous smiles under their masks, ready to welcome you and your children as we head into the final furlong.