Message from the Deputy Head – 30th April 2021

Senior School
30 Apr 21

In this week’s Whole School Assembly, we took another look at our new Learning Powers; Curiosity and Originality. Through the lens of a quote by Sir Isaac Newton, we considered the importance of reading if we are to, “see further, by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Reading is not only a source for new knowledge and understanding; it also nurtures curiosity and fosters originality. As part of the same assembly, I shared Roald Dahl’s famous treatise on the importance of reading, as voiced by the Oompa Loompas following the incident with Mike Teavee and the television in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As well as raising a few smiles, it further emphasised the importance of reading in stimulating their imagination and creativity.

In English this week, Year 6 have been learning about a new, independent project that they are going to be working on during rehearsals for their Year 6 production. As part of this project, we have been looking at the seven-story archetypes postulated by Christopher Booker and considering how it is possible to be original when building on well-established foundations. It has been interesting to look at how so many of the stories we know and love are built around the same skeleton plan and the children have enjoyed thinking about how they can use something familiar to construct something new. Throughout the School, the children have been looking at ways in which they can become more curious and original in their thinking and, in Prep, the children have been designing new wings for SuperHoot during their form time. As ever, the creativity on show has been most impressive.

Outside the classroom, we have been absolutely delighted to take further steps on our journey back to normality this week, with the first ‘match day’ since March last year, which saw Cricket fixtures for our Year 5 and 6 boys against our local rivals, Dulwich Prep. What an absolute pleasure it has been to see the children in action and we are proud of their enthusiasm, good humour and sportsmanship. The boys played really well, despite the distinctly un-cricket-like conditions, coming away with three victories from the four matches played. Matches for all of the children in Years 3 to 6 will follow in due course.

All in all, things are beginning to look a little brighter, both literally and metaphorically. Hopefully, we will get some warmer temperatures to go with the sunshine that we have had over the last couple of weeks – certainly, it would be very welcome over the long weekend!

Mr James Watkins, Deputy Head