Message from Head Boy – 22nd May 2020

Senior School
22 May 20

This week, our Head Boy, Tom G (Year 6), gives us an update of what he has been doing this week at home, which includes how to look at things differently during this lockdown.

“In week 6 of home-schooling, I am sure we are all getting a little tired of lockdown.  However, I have seen that there are some benefits. We are learning to do things differently and the environment is certainly better off.

I came across the poem The Great Realization by Tom Roberts (click here to watch), who goes by the pseudonym Tomfoolery. I think this poem beautifully sums up how we need to rethink how the world as we know it works today, how we need to be more aware of our physical and mental health as well as how we need to care more about our planet.  I have started to try and write my own poem about how we could do things differently – perhaps you could do the same?

Stay safe,