Maths Week Finale

Senior School
6 Dec 19

On 29th November, the whole of the Pre-Prep and Prep School dressed up as rock stars or numbers, to help support TTRockStars and Numbots. 

To help celebrate the end of Maths Week, the company Tagtiv8 Active Learning joined us for the day; this was to help reinforce number.  Tagtiv8 provided opportunities for the pupils to play a variety of active games in order to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving.  Number Tag Rugby was a very popular game and we hope to use some of these wonderful ideas in the classroom again very soon.  I would like to thank the staff for all their hard work and the Year 6 helpers, who went above and beyond to help with the Pre-prep pupils; they showed maturity, manners and excellent leadership skills.

TTRockstars Avatar Winners from Maths Week Winners Runners-up

Theo Hennell – RE

Ellie-Rose Jennings – YR

Sophia-Grace Adigwe -1L

Hettie Kemsley – 1L

Nimi Tishe – Y2

Corban Mutakati – Y2

Emily Okoye -3S

Isla Davis – 3S

Olivia Winter Norman -4A

Jemima Rainbow – 4S

James Bennett – 5BD

Luke Smith – 5EC

Frankie Homewood – 6D

William Tresnan – 6T