Senior School
3 Apr 20

As we are sure you can imagine, our MASTERPLAN 450 Project has been halted due to the current situation. Mr Fowle gives an update below:

“Our project involves multiple renovations and additional building plans, but COVID-19 is now having a big impact! 

No sooner had the scaffolding been completed for the renovation of St Margaret’s boarding House, with work that was due to start this week on the tower to create a third floor in the tower and roof space, than the Governors agreed to delay the project by a year to help us manage our costs in these uncertain times.

The scaffolding has taken nearly four weeks to complete, work that was carried out during the term so that the contractors could start as soon as we broke up for Easter. Now we are debating with the contractor whether it’s cheaper to leave it up and hire it for a year or to remove it and rebuild it this time next year. The best laid plans never do seem to work the way you would like them to!”