Macbeth in a Day

Senior School
21 Nov 19

Year 6 had the most amazing day on Monday, when the Wise Moves Theatre Company visited to teach them how to act Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth, in one day only!  They began the day with some ‘get to know you’ exercises to rid themselves of any morning nerves, embarrassment and giggles.  Who knew a child could make so many different noises and at so many different volumes?!  Once the children had loosened up, they were presented with six key scenes from Macbeth and were split into six groups, each taking charge of their scene.  In just a few hours, their characters were chosen, lines were learnt, stage direction organised and make up and props applied.  The grand finale was performed in front of friends and family and proved just what amazing things our children can achieve in a short space of time.  Well done, Year 6!