London Photography Trip

Senior School
3 Feb 23

On Friday 27th January, our Fourth Form Photography students took a trip to London. Francesca Arduino (Fourth Form) reflects on the trip below.

“On Friday, I visited Canary Wharf and Brick Lane as part of the Fourth Form Photography trip and both areas were amazing. We went to these two specific areas of London for inspiration for our new photography project ‘Spaces and Places’. Since both Brick Lane and Canary Wharf are completely different from each other and have beautiful architecture, they are the perfect places for photoshoots.

Whilst in Brick Lane, we photographed battered-down doors, buildings, gates, a church, and walls covered in graffiti. Whereas in Canary Wharf, we photographed more of the modern aspects like railways, trains, buses and tall skyscrapers. Personally, I would love to go back to both areas, but I think it would be better on a clear night for more interesting lighting.”