London Art Trip 2023

Senior School
20 Jan 23

On Tuesday 17th January, the Fourth Form GSCE Art students went on a trip to London. Here are some of the students’ reflections on the trip:

“We went to Tate Britain, where we saw numerous works from the likes of Hew Locke and Henry Moore, as well as going to the National Gallery to see the Lucian Freud exhibition. We studied a range of styles and techniques throughout the day. Also, despite some heavy traffic, we still managed to have enough time to make some observational sketches of artworks of our choice at both the Tate and the exhibition. It was a very enjoyable and interesting day, which developed our knowledge and skills.”

Grace M (Fourth Form)

“Personally, this was one of my first exhibitions, therefore I found the gallery’s pieces perfectly spotlighted the artistry of past and present painters. One of my favourite frames of the day was the ‘Sancta Lilias’, 1874 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The reason why I love this specific one is that the complementary palette highlights the beauty of the figure. I was truly captivated by the precision and blending.”

Simone R (Fourth Form)

“When we went to the art galleries, it was one of the best experiences I had been to. Not only was I with my friends, but I was also given the opportunity to look at wonderful pieces of artwork. I think my favourite piece of art was seeing the ‘Ophelia’ work, that piece was breathtaking and inspirational. The detail and the colours were stunning and captivating.”

Francesca A (Fourth Form)