Junior’s Drama Audio Production

Senior School
6 Jul 20

Rainbow’s Ending is a modern fable which tells the story of a world in the grip of two giants whose insatiable appetites are driving it, apparently inevitably, to utter devastation. How society and its individuals react to such a threat are the subject of this multi-faceted play. Written in a story-telling style some 30 years ago, this is a play whose themes and dilemmas seem as relevant today as when it was first conceived.  

Having been rehearsing the play since January, we were keen to complete the performance in some version, despite the current lockdown. Although the play is intended to be a very physical form of theatre, the nature of the narrative style meant it has been possible to instead deliver a rehearsed reading, free as it is from certain conventional elements of the script, such as stage directions. The cast of talented Juniors, drawn from the First, Second and Third Forms, despite being in separate locations, ‘came together’ to create the finished version, taking turns to tell the story, in this podcast which replaces the more traditional end of term Junior Show.  

You can listen to it here.


Luca Arduino 

Elizabeth Arthur 

Katy Barr 

Reginald Blanchard 

Sophie Browning 

Daisy Dallamore 

Wilfred Dickinson 

Max Finley 

Jonty Gillett 

Darcy Hanna 

Henry Kydd 

James Lloyd-Jones 

Seren Lloyd-Jones 

Erin McGregor 

Harriet Onions 

Elizabeth Penfold 

Florence Powell  

Simone Rai 

Elyse Ratcliffe 

Ben Reid 

Stephanie Rees-Emsley 

Thomas Saligari 

Oscar Sandberg 

Raphael Shaddick 

Emily Slipper 

Katherine Slipper 

Evie Smith 

Olivia Taylor 

Savannah Taylor 

Imogen Trott 

Liberty Watkinson 

Sam Wilding 

Grace Williams 

Jemima Wilson 

Florence Wood