Joy Sticks – Year 6 Art

Prep School
21 Jan 22

There is a new addition to the art room… paint sticks! A marvellous new medium – acrylic paint in a stick form – like a rainbow of lipsticks, an array of flavoured ice lollies, a cylinder of creativity and joy without the need for water and a paintbrush. Introduction to the paint sticks involved lots of experimentation as our Year 6 pupils excitedly scumbled, blended, stippled and graffitied with their new friends.

Choice took centre stage as the children selected their favourite Moy Mackay felted artwork to recreate as a mini landscape, taking full advantage of the new paint sticks! Creatively, they captured the bold, bright colours of Mackay’s scintillating skies and the felted texture was given an encore through carefully considered mark making.

Year 6 artists joyfully embraced painting with the new medium and it was with reluctance, after they had painted their wonderful mini masterpieces, that they had to put the paint sticks to bed.