Jacob Selected For Pumas A Squad

Senior School
11 Oct 19

Congratulations to Jacob Pearton who has been selected for the 2019/20 Prep Schools’ Pumas Under 12 A Squad, following trials at Worth School on 6th October.  The selectors reported a high level of play at the trials, making this an amazing achievement.  

The Pumas offer the most talented Independent School footballers across Kent, Surrey and Sussex opportunities to play against other Academies and District teams.  Top UEFA coaches as well as specialists in nutrition, psychology and physiotherapy will work with squads to develop the players’ game, mental fitness and concentration.  As a member of the A Squad, Jacob will also be invited to attend the esteemed Gothia World Youth Cup in Gothenburg next year, a tournament with teams from over 80 countries attending.  We wish Jacob an enjoyable and successful season.