Invicta STEM Challenge

Prep School
25 Mar 22

Four Year 6 pupils attended Invicta Grammar School’s STEM and Maths Challenge last week. This tested their planning skills, teamwork, nerves, science and maths skills. The team worked very well in the first round, where they had to build the tallest structure out of marshmallows and toothpicks.

They came across lots of hurdles, such as the weight of the structure, the marshmallows falling apart and time restrictions. The second challenge unfortunately did not go so well! They had to produce a bridge with very limited resources and the bridge had to hold books. Due to a lack of careful planning, the bridge came crashing down, very quickly.

After learning their lesson about planning, before jumping into a task, the team went into the egg drop challenge with determination. The egg had to be dropped from a second storey window without cracking. They did smash this challenge and no cracks in the egg were evident! The final challenge showed off their excellent mathematical skills, as they had to work out a code. They decoded an amazing 23 lines of text within ten minutes – well done, Year 6!