Intra-School Fixtures

Senior School
25 Sep 20

Last weekend, we began our first round of Intra-School fixtures for Girls’ Hockey and Boys’ Cricket. The teams were given franchise names to develop identity and cohesion and it was a pleasure to see our pupils out on the pitches. All players showed commitment, drive and determination to represent the School, albeit in-house. Below is a summary and results of the matches played.

Girls’ Hockey

Last Saturday, the first round of the SVS Girls’ Hockey franchise competition commenced. Due to the commitment and dedication of the girls, we were able to field six teams across three strongly contested matches. Each team had its own special franchise name to create our own unique mini-league. The senior’s team names are ‘SV Stars’ and ‘SV Storm’, the under 15’s team names are ‘SV Jets’ and ‘SV Firebirds’ and the under 14’s named their teams ‘SV Thunder’ and ‘SV Lightning’.

Although many have been unable to play any Hockey since this time last year, there were some outstanding performances across all teams. We are very fortunate to be able to provide the girls with some high-quality competition-style matches during these times and are very grateful for their enthusiasm and willingness to embrace the different format of fixtures. The competitiveness and dedication from the girls ensured all matches were extremely entertaining and enjoyed by all. We can’t wait to see the girls continue to develop and progress their skills throughout this franchise tournament in the coming weeks.


Seniors               SV Stars 2 – 2 SV Storm

U15’s                  SV Jets 5 – 0 SV Firebirds

U14’s                  SV Lightning 3 – 2 SV Thunder

Boys’ Cricket

Last Saturday saw the start of the SVS Boys’ Cricket franchise competition. The return of Cricket has been highly anticipated for all involved and it was great to see eight teams on Saturday playing again, each with their own individual franchise name. The Fifth and Sixth Forms have their own mini-league put together by four squads, ‘SV Lightning’, ‘SV Falcons’, ‘SV Bears’ and ‘SV Spitfires’. The Third and Fourth Forms also have their own league, in which ‘SV Heat’, ‘SV Thunder’, ‘SV Sharks’ and ‘SV Eagles’ all compete.  All squads were split equally to give the best opportunity for all involved. This led to some fantastic fixtures, which were all competitive and well contested.


Seniors               SV Lightning beat SV Falcons by 14 runs

Seniors               SV Spitfires beat SV Bears by 7 runs

U15s                   SV Sharks beat SV Eagles by 11 runs

U14s                   SV Heat beat SV Lightning by 78 runs

The next round of Intra-School fixtures will take place on Saturday 3rd October. Mr Wells and Mr Henderson will write to all parents next week regarding the details of those fixtures.