Informal Concert Delights

Senior School
16 Oct 19

On 10th October, the Music department held its first Informal Concert for this academic year. These concerts allow pupils to play in front of a small supportive audience. They are able to perform pieces which are ‘work in progress’, revealing to them what needs to be revised with extra practice, helping them to conquer nerves and preparing them for examinations.

The performances, without exception, were to a high standard. Sophie played the heart rendering theme from Schindler’s List, with Mr Holmes on the 2nd violin giving even more poignancy. Asia performed Adele’s Someone Like You and Elizabeth got into character from My Fair Lady. Amazingly, Lara stepped straight off the bus from the MUN conference, in Reading, to perform Bernstein’s Somewhere.

Jack’s performance of Praeludium and Allegro to end was so good it got a hug from Mr Holmes. I am presuming this was the equivalent to a Great British Bake Off ‘Hollywood handshake’.

Performers: Nicole Avery, Sophie Browning, Asia Davies, Elizabeth Drummond, Louisa Hudson, Jack Price, Maisey Russell,  Lara Savage, Eliza Semmens, Finn Swaine, Martha Tatnell, Honor Whiteley

Well done to everybody and a thank you to Mrs Holmes for doing the majority of the accompanying.

Mr Horley

Director of Music