Indoor Cricket Tournament

Senior School
24 Feb 23

On Thursday 23rd Feb the U13 Girls’ Cricket team travelled to Ursuline College to participate in the U13 Girls’ 8s Indoor Cricket Tournament.

The results were: SVS vs Alleyens: Alleyens 48 for four wickets and SVS 49 in six overs (SVS won by four wickets), SVS vs Dover: Dover 22 for seven wickets and SVS 38 in 3 overs for one wicket (SVS won by seven wickets) and SVS vs Kent College: Kent 56 for six wickets and SVS 68 for two wickets (SVS won by six wickets). The girls won all three games and are now through to the finals!

Some excellent batting performances were seen from Ella B, Matilda F, Lydia H (all Second Form) and Charlotte S (Second Form) had very good hands behind the stumps, letting only three byes through the whole tournament and getting the top amount of stumpings.

Their bowling was very consistent throughout the whole day. Alex T (First Form), Ella B, Clementine B and Isabel G (all Second Form) were all amongst the wickets with their amazing bowling.

Fielding from Sophie P (Second Form), along with the rest of the girls, was on point throughout the day, saving runs and always giving us the advantage. All the girls should be very proud of themselves.