Holocaust Survivor Talk

Senior School
22 Jan 21

During a normal School term, we participate in the live webcast on Holocaust memorial day, taking place on 26th January. Before this our Third Form pupils are prepared for what to expect and there are staff involved to pick up those who are upset, shocked or want to discuss/process what they have heard. 

Under current circumstances, we are going to be unable to provide this level of care remotely and are mindful about our students watching this alone at home. 

To overcome this issue, the viewing of this talk will be made optional and we recommend that they watch it in the evening with family members and individual families can decide if it is something they wish to participate in. We will be providing the link to this talk in next week’s newsletter.

This also gives us the opportunity to open up the viewing of this talk to all year groups and their parents who would like to be able to hear a speaker on this sensitive topic.