Head’s Lines – 24.03.23

Prep School
27 Mar 23

‘Let Loose’ was both the name of the brilliant Year 6 play this week, enjoyed by the children from Reception upwards on Tuesday and then by parents, siblings, grandparents and other family and friends later in the week, and seemingly the intent of many children as they departed for their well-earned Easter holiday today!

The play was also a remarkable feat of teamwork, as both the children across many weeks and then the staff who covered for absent colleagues this week pulled together in an example of how ‘each cares for all’. And of course, the individuality of each Year 6 pupil was also cherished as some preferred to take on backstage roles, others usually shy of the limelight were brave enough to perform, and some who relish the attention truly thrived! Well done to all of our Year 6 cast and crew of 2023 and thank you to Mrs Dallamore, Mrs Mills and Mrs Lordon for weeks of practice and polish and guiding your charges so expertly and kindly.

Thank you too once again to the SVPSPA for putting on the Easter Egg Hunt and Treasure Hunt today, including planning for and dealing with all types of weather that the Weald blew our way. We are now looking forward to the Coronation Party early in the new term.

On that note, as we prepare for the clocks to spring forward and herald summer, the School calendar for the Summer Term will also shortly be available on the School website. As promised, there will also be physical copies of the calendar available from the start of next term. Reports for this term are in the process of being published as well, on Famly for parents of children in Early Years and on the School Portal or SVS App for parents of children from Year 1 upwards.

With Nursery parent consultations and the Year 3 trip to Herstmonceaux fresh in the memory, we can look back on a busy term where the weather mostly did not get the better of us, the children throughout the School have had opportunities galore to engage and to learn, and parents have had lots of occasions to celebrate the successes of their blossoming little ones.

Our Nursery will continue to operate over the next three weeks of course, with a break over the Easter weekend, but I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our children and parents an enjoyable few weeks together, and a happy Easter for those families that celebrate this occasion.