Head’s Lines – 17.03.23

Prep School
20 Mar 23

As I type this on Friday morning, I am still beaming with pride at what our children and staff accomplished last night in the Spring Concert. We all know all too well how precious community events like this are after the last few years when gatherings became illegal. The creativity, joy and excellence on show last night, interspersed with glimpses of other learning powers such as bravery, originality and collaboration, made for a wonderful celebration and I am grateful for all who participated or assisted, including especially to Mrs Lordon.

This week has also been a sporting bonanza, with team photos on Monday followed by both of the Prep School Swimming Galas taking place over at the Senior School. Once again, tenacity and excellence were on show in equal measure, with remarkable records, fingertip finishes and competing Castles. Our Prep School girls have also been taking part in their first ever School football matches this week too; not only were medals won but more importantly I understand the girls loved the experience and can’t wait for their next games. Thank you to Mr Copping for this exciting initiative.

Not to be outdone, Mr Strydom organised a series of science shows on Monday to mark Science Week. With little more than various items you might find at home (ping-pong balls, aluminium cans and hairdryers for instance), children from Reception to Year 6 were treated to various experiments to demonstrate how science pervades all aspects of our lives. Much hilarity, not least at the teacher jeopardy, ensued! Also marking Science Week, Year 2 children had their Habitats Day at the Big Cat Sanctuary on Thursday to mark the culmination of their exploration of this topic. I am also grateful to the Year 2 team of staff, and pleased to report that the children had a brilliant time… and came back safely! Finally, Year 5 had a Geography trip to Rye Harbour earlier in the week too, with scientific research also much in evidence.

We are also in the final throes of putting our calendar for the summer term together and this will be published to parents next week, with the printed booklets to follow next term. Three events we do wish to highlight now though are that the Pre-Prep Celebration and Sports Day will take place on the morning of Tuesday 13th June, the Nursery Sports Day will take place on the morning of Friday 16th June and the Prep Sports Day will take place on Saturday 24th June (a change to the original calendar).

With the Year 6 play, Let Loose, in final rehearsals, Year 5 off to the Senior School for a CCF experience this afternoon, Nursery Parent Consultations next week, and the Parent Consultation Group meeting this afternoon too, we are hurtling towards the end of term.

Happy St Patrick’s Day in the meantime and have a good weekend.