Headmaster’s Lines – 13.05.22

Senior School
13 May 22

Dear all,

‘We will be alright don’t you think, Sir?’, one of the Fifth Form students asked me today with a grin on their face. This is their last day before study leave begins. I reassured them that they had been given great support by their teachers and each other, and that if they stay calm, focussed and look after their bodies as well as their minds they will do as well as they can in the GCSE examination period. I know it can be a daunting time for them at the moment, but I trust they will realise that advice and that what is always one of the most taxing periods of a school career will be a productive one. We wish them all the very best.

Last week I mentioned how nice it was to have so many visitors around the campus at the moment. It was especially good to welcome Rhian Douglas here on Wednesday. She is the new Director of Governance and Operations at the United Westminster & Grey Coat Foundation. We very much look forward to working with her and the team at the Foundation; they give the School such valuable support and direction. Tomorrow I look forward to welcoming members of the parent consultation group for a meeting in the morning and then I know a number of parents are coming to the At Home event where they can reacquaint themselves with the School and staff.

Please do take the time to look at the section of the newsletter this week on Ukraine. I am glad that we are able to support students and hope you will choose to engage with the ambulance project.

It looks like a fun week ahead – I am most intrigued by the ‘Junior Penguin Race’ especially. I have a meeting with the Student Council and dinners with the Heads of House on Wednesday and Sports representatives on Saturday; I am sure there will be fruitful conversation at all of them.

Best wishes for the weekend,

James Thomas, Headmaster