Headmaster’s Headlines – 24th September 2021

Senior School
24 Sep 21

We have made it to Exeat weekend! After another very busy and successful week, I am sure we will all benefit from a brief pause to recharge our batteries.
Throughout this week I have made an effort to engage our students in conversation about their approaches to learning and their academic work.

I have been struck by how so many students are reflective, positive and refreshingly interested in their subjects. They are also very complimentary about their teachers who do such a great deal to encourage and guide in the classrooms, studios and laboratories. Getting back into the routines of study again has been a challenge in many ways but the attitude of the students has been laudable.

There has been plenty of physical activity this week with Netball and Hockey tournaments, as well as Rugby fixtures for our Juniors, while last night and today our Third Form are enjoying a sunny CCF Field Day. Likewise, on the creative front, rehearsals are now in full swing for our musical ensembles as well as for the School production Sleepy Hollow which will take place next term; our Fourth Form Photography students are snapping away in Chatham today and I now have some superb student Art work up in my study!

Last Saturday morning, I enjoyed meeting lots of parents at the Tutor Breakfast and then sharing the sunshine and competition with them from the touchlines in the afternoon. I am sorry that we are not having the SVS Foundation Gin Tasting night tonight as I know it had the potential to be a fun occasion but on balance it was wise to postpone. We are not quite back to normality yet and we will need to remain flexible in our approaches to routines and events. Although there may be tricky points ahead, at this point I would like to thank all members of the community for their support of the School.

In the Headmaster’s Assembly today, I congratulated the students and staff on their excellent attitude and work thus far. There has been much to celebrate already and there is, of course, a great deal still to come in the remainder of the year. I also noted, again, how important community and responsibility are and that when we all work together in a supportive, constructive, and sensitive manner, with kindness at our core, we all benefit hugely.

Best wishes for the weekend,

Mr Thomas, Headmaster