Head of Pre-Prep’s Lines – 15th October 2021

Senior School
15 Oct 21

It has been a joyous week in Pre-Prep; the sun has been shining and we have enjoyed the autumnal feeling in the air. In Year 2, we have been on our first trip of the year and it was such an interesting experience on many levels.

Not only was it the first trip of the year, but also it was the first trip our Year 2 cohort have enjoyed since they joined the School. So it was with great excitement that the two classes headed off to The Big Cat Sanctuary in Smarden. It is only when you go on a trip that you realise just how important it is for our children to have these types of educational experiences. Learning in the classroom is wonderful, but the extra layer a practical experience provides is also invaluable. We gain so much from talking with specialist educational professionals when they share passion for their subject area. During our visit to The Big Cat Sanctuary, the children also enjoyed a real-life tour of the facility. It really was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for us all as we met the different types of big cats and came very close to these fascinating felines! It did slightly unsettle me when I heard the keeper comment ‘Maya has spotted the children’ as Maya the jaguar started to pace around and appeared to follow the children as they made their way back to the loos!

As we draw to the end of our first half term, I am immensely proud of how the children have returned to School. They have settled with ease and confidence and have shown that they are able to focus and are ready to learn. As you know, during the first half term of the year we focus on independence; including encouraging Year 2 to come into class independently, and ensuring our Reception children are able to unpack their bag and find their tray.  We can’t thank our parents and families enough for helping your children to develop this vital skill. The way that you encourage your child to take the lead on simple tasks means that, when it comes to learning, even our youngest pupils will approach their lessons with the same attitude of ‘I can do this!’.

From us all, we hope the children have a happy and relaxed half term before the fun of the next half term begins and dare I say the word ‘Christmas’!

Miss McCarmick, Head of Pre-Prep