Having Fun with The Highwayman

Senior School
8 Jan 21

In English, we are learning about The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. It is based in the 18th century and is about a highwayman riding to an old inn door and falling in love with Bess ‘the landlord’s black-eyed daughter.’ This poem is intriguing and leaves you in suspense.

I would encourage you to find out more about poetry, make your own poem, or just research your favourite poem. This is a good way to improve your poetry and English skills. Remember, not all poems have to rhyme, so pick up your pencil and see what you can do.

Here’s one that I wrote:

This week is my week to teach, how to modify your speech.

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s and you can be a poet just like me.

We’re learning the Highwayman in English although the lines are hard to distinguish.

Not all poems have to rhyme but if they do, they take some time.

Now it’s your turn to have some fun, it could be about the sea, sky or sun.

Haiku, limerick or even a sonnet, so many skills to be stored in your bonnet.

If poems still bore you then let me recap: just take your poem and rename it a RAP!  

Henry P (Year 6)