Greek Vases

Senior School
4 Dec 20

The Ancient Greeks loved vases. They came in many shapes and sizes and were not only practical, to store liquids such as oils and wine, or other food like grains, but they used them to commemorate special events, as funeral markers and as prizes for sports events! 

Because vases were so popular, large pottery workshops were established. Recently, the Art Room was transformed into a vase-making workshop filled with Year 3 artists – master potters and painters.

Skilfully, they cut and moulded paper to create magnificent, massive Greek vases decorated with mythical imagery and Greek patterns. To commemorate their arete (to the Greeks, arete meant excellence and reaching one’s full potential), Year 3’s ‘ceramic’ masterpieces have been hung on the gallery walls outside the Art Room; reminiscent of Ancient Greece, where artwork was a tremendous source of pride and intended for public display.