Grand Designs

Prep School
1 Jul 22

Design and Technology in Years 3, 4 and 5 has flourished and the children have had a lot of fun!

Our Year 3 children stretched their paper folding skills to create origami monsters. They decorated them to bring to life monstrous characters that grabbed their pneumatic systems with open jaws! The children persevered with attaching syringes and tubing, controlling the air pressure to open and close their monster’s mouths and evaluating their fun, finished product.

Our Year 4 children used their research, product analysis and knowledge of levers to create their catapult designs. They used their materials innovatively to create aesthetically pleasing, functional catapults. Testing their Roman inspired catapults resulted in a myriad of mini pom-poms being playfully scattered over the classroom. What fun!

Our Year 5 children have bridged the gap between learning and applying. Combining the two skills, they have designed bridges from recycled materials. Carefully constructing them from cardboard, they made well considered choices with regards to purpose and appearance. Their bridges were beautifully built with enjoyment!

With the number of students entering Design and Technology qualifications declining considerably in recent years, it is important that young children are exposed to hands-on design opportunities and that their creative, ‘thinking out of the box’ skills flourish both in and out of school. The summer holiday’s is an excellent time to encourage some grand designs to flourish at home.