Grand Designs Competition

Prep School
7 Oct 22

Blazers, backpacks, bags and games kit are all emblazoned with the School badge. Have you ever wondered what the SVPS badge represents?

Our school badge was modelled on the Senior School badge which embraced elements from The Clothworkers Company (who ran the school) and William Lambe’s (the founder of SVS) coat of arms. The stars are representative of rowels (horseman’s spurs and should really have a hole in the centre) and symbolise Lambe’s gentlemanly, well-respected status in society. The three fleur-de-lis represent purity and light, showing loyalty to God and Christian values of love, tolerance and community. How aptly these images reflect the values of SVPS and encourage the children to wear their SVPS emblem with pride.

Now we are looking to design an emblem for the School castles (houses); Rochester, Bodiam, Leeds and Hever. Children have the opportunity to embrace their pupil voice and create an emblem design that captures the spirit, belief, principles and values of their House.

The Emblem Design Competition closes on the 21st October.