Goblin Girl!

Senior School
22 May 20

Year 5 had an exciting English lesson today when the author of Goblin Girl, Craig Gooding joined the whole year group Zoom! They have been focusing on the text in their lessons so it was inspirational to hear, in person, from the author himself. Craig talked to the children about the inspiration for Goblin Girl, a twist on a fairy tale, underlying themes, the wonderful illustrations and the process of writing a story. Year 5 also had the opportunity to feed their curiosity and asked Craig lots of interesting questions.

In Goblin Girl, we are encouraged, as Craig said: “to look at our world with a new eye and a different perspective” – to realise that we have a huge impact on the world and taking care of our environment is of vital importance. In Goblin Girl, it is the fairy world that teaches humans all the secrets of magic, love ‘and all the good’.

Year 5 are continuing to spread the good as they use the environmental focus of Goblin Girl and the positive effects of lockdown on the environment, to write persuasively about the reality of continuing to preserve our environment after lockdown ends. As the author of Goblin Girl told the children, “it is all about getting the balance right”.