Girls’ Cricket U10 Tournament

Senior School
14 May 21

On Wednesday, we were delighted to host our first Girls’ U10 Cricket tournament.

Using an eight-a-side format provided an excellent introduction to the sport; both teams start on 200, and have eight overs of batting and bowling each. The players batted in pairs for two overs, continuing to bat if they were out (minus five runs) and each player got to bowl an over. This made the tournament remarkably inclusive to ensure that everyone was involved.

We welcomed Ashford Prep, Bede’s Prep, Derwent Lodge, Hilden Grange, Kent College and Saint Ronan’s Prep – it was wonderful to see all of the girls taking advantage of the opportunity to play tournament sport again.

During the coaches meeting at the start of the day, it was confirmed that underarm bowling would be allowed if an individual was struggling to bowl overarm, but the endeavour of the girls throughout the day was excellent and every single one of them bowled overarm throughout the tournament – which was very impressive.

The seven schools were split into two groups and played some fantastically competitive Cricket, with Derwent Lodge and SVPS progressing to the semi-finals as group winners along with Kent College and Ashford Prep.

A fifth-place triangular also took place following the group stage, with Saint Ronan’s coming out victorious.

In the first semi-final, Derwent Lodge beat Ashford Prep by 26 runs and in the second, Kent College beat SVPS in a close-fought game, winning by just three runs. Derwent Lodge went on to become the deserved victors of the tournament – well done!

At the presentation ceremony, the day’s champagne moments (plays of the day) were nominated by the coaches and picked out of a hat, by our Head of Girls’ Cricket, Miss Jelfs. The winning moments were a fine catch on the boundary by a Kent College pupil to deny a well-hit six and an athletic dive by an Ashford pupil to save a four.

Well done and thanks to all involved, hope to see you all again next year.

A big thank you also goes to Miss Jelfs and Mr Braddick for organising a great day for all.