Geography AS Level Results

Senior School
14 Jan 21

Last spring, amid the slew of cancelled examinations, our Geography A Level students were faced with the challenge of their examinations being postponed to the Michaelmas Half Term. Following the results being received this week, Mr Downs, Head of Geography, reflects on the pupils’ efforts:

“The last-minute change was a particular blow given that our pupils’ endeavours had been building a considerable head of steam at that point. As a department, we were delighted with their reaction to this adversity. Our students showed considerable resilience and determination to succeed and redoubled their efforts with renewed zeal, working very well throughout our ‘Virtual Journeys’ programme in the Summer Term and under unfamiliar conditions last term when back in School.

They were even prepared to go the extra mile and attend a revision day during their Half Term in a bid to make the final push toward success. The subsequent results from the postponed examinations are a tremendous achievement and testament to the dedication of the pupils and staff alike – to achieve 83 per cent A to B grades (there is no A* at AS Level) and 52 per cent receiving an A grade is wonderful news at the start of this term. Very well done.”