From our Head Girl

Senior School
22 Jan 21

Our new Head Girl, Mya B (Year 6), has written an excellent poem about the current situation we find ourselves in, with a wonderful sense of positivity throughout. You can read Mya’s poem below. 

Lent Term

Our Lent term is now well underway,

Corona thinks it’s here to stay.

We will all beat it, of that I am sure,

then “stay at home” will be no more.


Not the term start we had in mind,

though a smoother launch we could not find.

Both teachers and students are coping well,

although we all long for our normal school bell.


Nathan and I received some joy,

when we became Head Girl and Boy.

So, it’s not all bad for us, it’s true,

a perfect reason to not feel blue.


Teachers give lessons with gusto and gumption,

secretly praising the zoom all mute function.

So, make the most of what school has to offer,

at least for year 6, there is no more BOFA!


Our parents are coping, I’m sure they are fine,

but at 4 o’clock they all reach for the wine!

It’s not the schoolwork, they assure us of that,

It may be the solid 8 hours of chat….


Learning online is a much tougher task,

but we’re all snug and don’t need a mask.

Apart from some ink and a whole tonne of paper,

being home is not so bad, it keeps us all safer.


So, focus on good things, not on the bad,

there’s plenty of reasons not to feel sad.

We’ll all work together, there’s no time to rest,

let’s prove once again that our school is the best!