Friends of SVS – Gin Request

Senior School
28 Apr 21

As we start to build up to this summer’s Leavers’ Ball, the Friends of SVS would like some help with a charitable, gin-themed idea for the event. The group’s Chair, Mrs Jackie Browning, has sent the following:

At the last Leavers’ Ball in 2019, we included a gin bar, which proved incredibly popular. As a result, it will be returning again for this year’s event, but with a slight twist. As part of the Friends of SVS commitment to supporting both the School and its wider community, we wanted to add a charitable aspect to this year’s Ball. With that in mind, we have decided to use the gin bar as a charitable fundraiser for the Tom Lazarides (2018 C) fund.

In June 2020, Old Suttonian Tom was involved in a life-changing incident, fracturing his neck in two places and sustaining a serious spinal cord injury. In the ten months that have followed, Tom’s recovery has been encouraging; he is now able to breathe unaided but still has a long journey of rehabilitation ahead of him. With knowledge of the costs involved in providing Tom with the physiotherapy and treatment needed, his friends (many of whom were with him at SVS) have banded together to support the treatment costs in the hope of raising £250,000. Their efforts thus far have been amazing and the total currently sits at over £190,000.

How can you help? The intention is that the profits from the gin bar are used as a fundraiser for the evening. To maximise this, the Friends of SVS are asking for help in supplying the gin. The more we are able to source from donations, the less we will need to purchase. We are not asking for specific brands or flavoured gin – just whatever you are happy to provide. If you have any unopened bottles sat at the back of a drinks’ cupboard, or have overstocked during lockdown, we would be grateful for your help! All donations will be recognised on the night through a donor roll displayed on the menu cards.

To provide the gin, we would ask that you drop it in to the School Reception at some point between now and Friday 11th June, or give it to one of the Ball Committee members (listed below) . Thank you in advance for your help and we look forward to supporting Tom’s fund with a bumper donation at the end of the night.

Mrs Jackie Browning
Chair of the Friends of SVS


Other Ball Committee Members

Mrs Sally Barr
Mrs Sarah Connell 
Mrs Alison Fullick 
Mrs Ann-Katrine Sayers
Mrs Kate Yorke