French Play

Senior School
29 Nov 19

In the Prep School on Thursday it was time for our annual French/English bilingual play for Years 5 and 6.  We were also joined by the First Formers at the Senior School who study French.
Écris-moi! (Write to me!) was about an English boy, Ashley, and a French girl, called Renée.  Their teachers match them up as email penfriends and they start writing to each other.  Things seem to be going well, but we gradually realise that Ashley thinks Renée is a boy, and Renée thinks Ashley is a girl!  Their parents arrange for Ashley to visit Renée in Paris for a weekend.  Confusion ensues at Lille Station, when they cannot find each other, as they each think the other is a different gender.

Initially, it does not look like they could ever be friends, but as their adventures in Paris unfold, they realise that their opinions are changing and finally they become good friends.

This lively, action-packed play had the children immersed in French language, and laughing throughout.  Vocabulary in French was repeated, translated and explained clearly through actions.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to put their French learning into context. The children were surprised at how much French they knew and how much of the play they were able to understand.

“I have learnt a lot from this play and I would love to watch it again. I would like to thank the actors, Margot and Stéfan, for putting on a fabulous performance.” Niamh 6D