French Play – Les Garçons

Senior School
6 Mar 20

On Tuesday, our Second and Third Form pupils were treated to a wonderful performance of a French play “Les Garçons”. Mrs de Castro gives her account below:

“Two French actors from Onatti Productions performed a comedy entitled “Les Garçons” which centres on the trials and tribulations of Natalie, a young French girl, who Monsieur et Madame Dulin have asked to babysit their 2-year-old, Bruno. The evening does not go quite as planned with problems ranging from Monsieur Dulin’s incredibly long list of emergency numbers and the unexpected arrival of Tristan, her rather immature boyfriend; Natalie now seems to be babysitting two boys! The play ends with the couple’s argument during which some SVS students in the audience were asked to act as go-betweens, giving them the chance to show off their best French accents!
Harriet Onions from the Third Form said, “Some parts of the play were a little difficult to understand but we could always tell what the plot was by the great acting!”
Nina Ghale and Olivia Chadwick, also from the Third Form, said, “We liked how the actors engaged with the audience by using volunteers – it was hilarious!”
We look forward to welcoming Onatti Productions back for future performances!”