Field Day 2020 – Juniors

Senior School
16 Oct 20

The Second Form was fortunate enough to go to The Climbing Experience in Maidstone.

They were split into two different groups, with one group going in the morning whilst the others stayed at school to do some Junior Leadership activities with Miss Gray, and then reversing in the afternoon. 

Whilst at the Climbing Experience, the children were given several opportunities to try different climbing walls, bouldering and a speed wall challenge. The students had the chance to experience a climbing wall with an inverted face of over 60 degrees and they all attempted the ten-metre abseiling wall, with Evie Smith reaching the top the quickest with a fantastic time of 7.9 seconds, a great achievement – you can watch the video here.

The whole of the year group thoroughly enjoyed their time at this experience.

Thank you to Mr Wellings, Miss Gray and Mr Law for organising the event.