Fascinating Forces

Prep School
20 Jan 23

This week Mr Scholey visited Reception as part of the ‘Science Investigations’ topic. The children found out about how differing forces are applied when riding a bike and heard all about gears and brakes too.

They also went on a special visit to the Prep School to see Mr Strydom in the Science Lab. Mr Strydom showed them all sorts of amazing things, including magnets. It has been lovely to see the children investigating how fascinating magnets are and independently recreating in the classroom some of the clever stuff magnets can do! What a lot of budding scientists there are in Reception!

Next week Reception are studying ‘th’, ‘z’ and ‘ch’ sounds. They are partitioning to ten and learning all about doubling and halving. The main topic focus this week will be ‘waterproof or not waterproof’.