Farewell Noodle

Senior School
7 Oct 21

This week Neru Baral, one of our long-standing catering staff, returns to Nepal to spend time with her family. Some 19 years ago, Neru, or Noodle or Noo as she became known, joined the Senior School kitchen crew with very little working English but a smile, some sign language and a recipe for Bombay potato that still commands a hushed reverence.

In recent years, Noodle has been working in the Prep School kitchen, as well as the Senior School on Saturdays.  During her time at SVS, she has provided us with a window into Nepalese culture; an insight into their food, traditional costumes, music, dancing and celebrations. We will miss Noo, her welcoming smile, chirpy outlook, contribution to the team and, of course, the Bombay potatoes that would appear as a gift after every Nepalese festival.

Have a wonderful trip home Noodle and your apron will be hanging up in the usual place if you fancy doing some washing up when you return to the UK next year!

John Devine, Catering Manager