Fantasy and Fun!

Senior School
26 Jun 20

Year 5 have been reinforcing their drawing skills of basic 3D shapes. If you look closely at an object, you will see that if you had to draw it, it is basically constructed from 3D shapes that are then rounded off, shaded and extended to create the entire form.

With this in mind, the wise words ‘draw what you see and not what you think you see’ resonates loudly for improving observational drawing skills. Year 5 honed their skills by practising drawing cubes. Lots of cubes, differing in size and perspective and they looked around to see cubes ‘hidden’ in everyday objects…like a treehouse!

They extended their shading techniques to add tonal variation to their cubes, or soon to be treehouses. A treehouse needs a tree, so Year 5 played with perspective and looked up to draw their towering trees. Finally, then came the fun… creating a fantasy treehouse! Year 5 let their imagination run wild as their drawings allowed them to escape from lockdown reality and enter their fantasy treehouse instead.