Fantastic ‘Fantastic Beasts’

Senior School
7 May 20

In English, Year 5 has been immersing themselves in a literary world inhabited by fantastic beasts! They have read about them, looked at them, described them and created one of their very own – an imaginary fantastic beast along with fascinating facts about its habitat, behaviour, diet and special powers! Fantastic!

Along with all the beastly facts and information, Year 5 has been focusing on the features of a non-chronological report. Sub-headings, bullet points, diagrams, labels, pictures, captions, layout and so much more, which brought their fantastic beasts to life! Not to mention the addition of Year 5’s fantastic figurative language and powerful punctuation; creating images in the reader’s head, so real, that we too are literally entering Year 5’s literary world and meeting their fantastic ‘fantastic beasts’!