Fangtastic Theatre Trip

Senior School
11 Oct 19

On 9th October, the theatregoers went to their first production of the year, Northern Ballet’s Dracula.  With a bus full of excited girls, we made our way to Canterbury.  On arrival, we explored Canterbury briefly before making our way to our seats.  After much anticipation, the curtains rose to reveal one of the most intriguing takes on Dracula. The experience was made a whole lot more exciting by the dancers and stage sets being blood-suckingly good.  Being so close to the front, we could hear every click from their pointe shoes and every hiss from Dracula.  From over-the-top facial expressions and the pure disparity for blood, it really captivated us until the first half was over.  With everyone in awe of the contemporary style of ballet, we could not wait for the second half to start.  When the performance finished with an extremely dramatic end, we all rose to our feet and gave them a standing ovation.  Everyone left the auditorium saying how ‘fangtastic’ it was and we all craved more Dracula.  This was our first Theatregoers trip and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in the near future as we loved it so much.  A big thanks must go to the staff who organised the trip.

Nicole Avery and Charlotte Gilman

Sixth Form