Fabulous Felting

Prep School
27 Jan 23

Pupils in Year 6 got the hands-on, exciting experience of creating felt during their workshop with felting specialist Sue Kimber.

She demonstrated how to pull pieces from the colourful strands of wool to layer tufts of wispy softness to build up a background. With a myriad of colour choices, the children used the wool to paint sunsets, green hills, blue skies and vibrant backdrops for their floral felting.

Inspired by the artist Marianne North and her love of flowers, they created compositions that celebrated bright, bold flowers of every imaginative shape and size. Their felted artworks began to blossom and after wetting and repeatedly rolling them gently, the wool fibres began to knit together to form felt. Some energetic flinging on the floor and their floral masterpiece completed its final transformation into fabulous felt and fixed delighted, proud smiles on their faces!

After School, the smiles continued as some teachers bravely held the hands of their artistic talent, took a creative risk and learnt the skill of felting too. Their fabulous felting will be displayed in the Coles Building so that their handiwork can also be admired.