Exciting Computing Project

Senior School
26 Mar 21

Our Second Form students have an exciting Computing project coming up in the Summer Term. Working alongside the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Apps for Good, they will be participating in the Informal Learning Project to: Design and build an app that solves a problem; Back up their idea with market research and consult users; Design and create an app prototype and pitch it.

This unit of work is being run as a national project and is part of the Gender Balance in Computing programme of research, run by the National Centre for Computing Education and funded by the Department for Education.

The project aims to explore ways of engaging more female students in Computing, to increase the number of girls who select Computing and ICT at GCSE and A Level. It has been suggested that addressing this issue early in a child’s education is important. Girls are well-represented in informal learning computing activities, and so the aim is to find out more about the links between these and formal learning in computing. 

We are looking forward to seeing how the students engage with this exciting project and the apps that they will develop.